The One-Hour-A-Day Plan

We have been so blessed by working as independent distributors with Young Living. To be able to live on 10% of our income and invest or give away 90% is no longer a crazy dream - it is more likely to happen than not happen, at this point.

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We are two and a half years into our 'four-year career' with Young Living and we are already seeing fruit that was hard to imagine when we first started: 

We have been blessed with so many new friendships - over 400 happy members enjoying the products and 13 active leaders teaching classes and running their own businesses!

If I gave you a gift and told you this gift had the very realistic potential of eliminating all your money anxieties, would you unwrap it - for you, your family, and your loved-ones? 

If I showed you how you could create your dream pay check in residual income by working one hour a day for 4 years, would you take a look?

Residual income means passive income.  It means you are no longer trading time for money. The money keeps coming, independent of your efforts. 

Our business goal is to help as many people as we can attain the healthy lifestyle they desire, and help some of those people also realize financial freedom.

Financial freedom means your residual income is greater than your expenses. It means you can direct your time and energy wherever God leads you without having to worry about how to pay the bills.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme; it is a develop-financial-security-&-abundance-gradually-plan. 

Our business model works on the principle of compounding. If you double a penny every day for 30 days you get over 5 million dollars. 

If you practice the piano for an hour every day for 4 years, you learn to play the piano. 

If you buy oils and help your friends buy oils and their friends buy oils, pretty soon you are in the oil business - and there has never been a better time to get started than right now! :)

"But I don't have an hour!" you might be saying, "I am already working ALL THE TIME."

Are you? Have you already eliminated TV, movies, Facebook surfing, YouTube surfing, pro-sports spectating, daily news feed, reading novels? Do you really need to eat 5 times a day and sleep 8 hours? (I am half-kidding.)

I am not saying you have to give these things up forever - but what about giving some of it up for 4 years? 

How badly would you like to eliminate all debt (including your mortgage), not have to worry about unpaid bills, work from home with people you love, spend more time with family, send your children to the college of your choice...?

Kimmy Brooke, a 40 year old mom, built a huge business this way, by working for one hour a day, on her lunch break, for 4 years.

We received our first 'big' commission check for $1452.61 (one month's commission) after just a year and a half into this business - and we are still 'doubling that penny'.

If I could show you how to make a residual income of five to six figures a year by working one hour a day for 4 years, would you take a look?

Do you think you could find one hour?


The One-Hour-A-Day Plan

If you could find one hour a day, this is what I would recommend doing with that hour: 

One hour a day is 6 hours a week (God says take one day off to pray and rest). 

The first step is to schedule out those 6 hours a week at the beginning of the month. Your schedule is your new boss.

What do we schedule? Everything revolves around teaching people about our products. In our case it is Young Living's essential oils and products.

We recommend teaching 4 classes a month. You can do 1 class a week or pack 4 classes into the same day - it's up to you - we have done both.

"But I don't know anybody?!" you might be saying. 

To start, you only need 3-4 people at one class in someone's living room. Can you think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from essential oils and kicking chemicals out of the home? 

Besides, in this business, it isn't about who you know but about who your friends know, and who their friends know.

Here is the break down in hours of work per class assuming you do one class a week:

1 hour of getting trained to do the job well (You: "I like the sound of that.")

1 hour of inviting people to the class ("That sounds fun... a party!")

1 hour of preparing for the class ("Good idea...")

1 hour of actually teaching the class (You: "Do I HAVE to do that?!"  
Me:"Not necessarily; but it really isn't that hard. We have a 101 class script. All you have to do is read it." 
You: "I can read.")

1 hour of helping people at the class purchase products that suit their health goals ("I DO like to help people shop.")

1 hour of follow-up calls 10 days after the class to remind your new members how to use what they bought. ("More helping people use and love the oils? ... I can do this!")

That is it - that is everything you need to do during the first 3-4 months in this business! You can divide and schedule the time in whatever way fits your schedule. You are your own boss now.

Once you've completed your first 4 classes, give yourself a reward and spend two extra hours at the end of the month with someone you love - watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn - do something fun!

You've worked hard; you deserve it and you have something to celebrate: you are on your way to financial freedom!

Of the six activities mentioned above, guess which two are the most important...

1. helping people discover and use the oils and products they need to thrive and 

2. getting trained to do this well. Training is on-going. We still seek out training and personal development for ourselves, weekly.

We have worked hard to pull together all the best resources in the business so you can do more productive training and less research. Check out our Training Page.

Katy and I also host a one hour conference call / training meeting every other Monday at 8 pm. Ask Katy to put you on the email invitation list for these calls, if you are not on the list already.

If you haven't been through initial training yet with Katy or Christopher, call or text to schedule a free training appointment and learn more about how you too could slowly and surely build your own Young Living home-business.

Katy 608-769-2376
Christopher 720-999-6046

What are you waiting for?! Get out your calendar right now and schedule a class for sometime within the next two week, then invite a bunch of friends to make sure it is well attended. 

[You may even be able to talk Katy into teaching the class for you so you can observe her doing it the first time.]

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