How Do I Help Katy with YL Stuff?

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A good friend and HML team member asked if I could write about what I, the husband, do to support our family business. THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION.

I feel a little sheepish answering it because I basically took eight months off and Katy has been doing all the work, but I recently increased my Young Living hours and am back in the saddle.


The thing I have been most consistent with is doing some housework.

This gives Katy the space and time she needs to work the business.

We divide up the housework about 50/50. I do a lot of dishes and folding laundry. Katy is the cook and master cleaner. But we often do these tasks together and talk while we work.

Outside of one or two (hormonal) days a month, we genuinely enjoy spending time together.  😊  We are together all the time now, which keeps us close, and we LOVE it.

Let's get Young Living specific.... 


Katy has always been the face of our business. 

She does the lion share of the work, i.e. talking to people. 

I have taught a few classes and am not afraid to pick up the phone, but Katy does most of the classes, one-on-ones, and follow-up calls. She is also the one posting in social media and creating educational content.


The main thing I have done in the past that makes a direct impact on our business is.... are you ready to hear this?...

I lead the business. I drive the business outside of the team’s comfort zone. I stay engaged and I know what is going on. I ask Katy to debrief me several times a week so I know what the issues are and can coach her through them.

We have done this together from the beginning.

I have read the books, researched training opportunities, and attended most of the training events together with Katy (and our son, John). I am ready at a moment’s notice to step in for Katy when and where she needs help.

There isn’t any other work I would rather be doing than helping families get out of debt and build generational wealth for their posterity, the needy, and the church.

As the husband, I take full responsibility for providing for our financial needs. Young Living is our primary source of income. If it fails, it is my fault. I take full ownership of it. That attitude toward our business sets a tone for our future growth or decline, for our family’s generational success or failure.


There are other things I do besides supervise. 😊

I do the bookkeeping (I use QuickBooks) and the taxes. I write emails, blog, edit video content or web material, help with mailings, and other odds and ends.

Katy and I usually have a weekly scheduling meeting to juggle home, school, social, and business events during the week.

I provide motivation and encouragement to Katy as much as possible because she deserves it. I help keep her on task at times – keeping us focused on income producing activities: i.e. inviting people to events, teaching classes, and care calls.


I believe life balance is possible. I find that the busier we are, the more we get done. Young Living has helped all three of us (John is eleven and in school) with our self-discipline and good daily habits.

We strive to keep our priorities straight and, believe it or not, having a home-business has helped us with that.

We do our morning and evening prayers together every day. We keep the house picked up, the dishes done, the laundry clean, etc.

Katy and I usually spend at least an hour a day talking (business and family life). Our marriage has never been better because of the new habits we have formed, thanks to the training we have received since we began this endeavor.

On good days, we are thriving! On bad days, we continue to learn.

It wasn’t what I thought it would be. Five years ago, I thought we would be able to retire from Young Living by now and be on a beach sipping margaritas somewhere, but I realize that that vision of success is quickly boring and unfulfilling.

Yes, we are debt free (including no mortgage or car payments). Yes, we are both working from home (my favorite part). Yes, we are very grateful. Yes, life is better now than I could have imagined. God provides for our needs, puts new desires on our hearts, and blesses us beyond our dreams.

We are rich in resources, yes, but we are far richer in our relationships. This Young Living opportunity has taught us to be generous, selfless, and more interested in serving others than serving ourselves.

To be honest, if I knew what kind of growth I needed to go through in order to get to where we are today (and I still have a LOT of growing to do), I don’t know if I would have gone down this road.

It’s a challenge. Pursuing right order in relationships, daily, is not easy. But it is absolutely worth it.

I hope I have given you a few ideas that will bear fruit in your own relationships – especial with your spouse.


If you want your business to flourish and you want your marriage to flourish, you need to frequent the marital sacrament.

Outside of those times of the month that you have decided, as a couple, to abstain, I recommend you come together AT LEAST once a week. If you REALLY want your spouse on board with the business, a period of daily communion is not too much to ask, especially if you are out of the routine.

Just trust me on this. This is the best way to stay ‘on the same page’ with your spouse, day in and day out. WHY? Because it requires TALKING. Talking is foreplay and talking is what builds both marriages and businesses.

‘Nuff said.

Our wish for you and your spouse is that you would thrive with Young Living – that you would find a way to serve many people –
because it’s a
we have a better way.

God bless the work of your hands!

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