3 Easy Steps to Finding and Training Leaders

I am very excited about sharing with you a proven method for finding and training many leaders. These are lessons I have learned and incorporated from Eric Worre's book, Go Pro, which I highly recommend.

If you missed the conference call, Monday Jan 23rd, we did record it. You do not want to miss this call.

"Business Building with Babies" - Anne Auger talked about how she manages to build a solid business with all the duties of a stay-at-home mom:with a baby and three toddlers. If she can do it, you can too.

I showed:
"A Better Way to Silver" (if your Goal is $1-3k / mo.)
& "Three Easy Steps to Finding and Training Leaders"

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Below is the script for "3 Easy Steps". Print it out and memorize Step 1 and read Step 2 during your follow-up call. All the best!

3 Easy Steps to Finding and Training Leaders

Let’s start by identifying three types of people who we should ask to look at the Young Living business opportunity:

1. The people YOU want to work with - who you think would really enjoy it and get a lot out of it. Network marketing is actually a human formation course in building relationships. We all know that building healthy relationships is eternally beneficial so this is a win-win for everyone.
2. Members who are on Essential Rewards – Adam Green says, “We take happy oil users and turn them into business builders.”
3. Anyone who expresses interest in the business or in making additional income. (Listen for this in your follow up calls.) I would especially look for stay-at-home moms with husbands who are at the mercy of their paycheck. 76% of network marketers are women.

Now that we have identified who to ask, I am going to walk you through three easy steps for presenting the opportunity and training interested leaders:

1. Present a Tool with the Exchange Phrase: “If I ..., would you ...?”
2. The Follow-up Call: The Four Question Close.
3. The Gameplan Interview.

1. Present a Tool with the Exchange Phrase: “If I ..., would you ...?”

When you give a tool away – like a book – you want to use the phrase, “If I give you this book, would you take a look at it?”

Our favorite tool for prospecting potential business builders is The Four Year Career: Young Living Edition by Richard Brooke. I highly recommend you go to shop.blissbusiness.com and buy 25 copies of this book right after this. You get them for $5 each which is a 50% discount.

If the person you want to give it to is out of town you can mail it or you can send them a link to our website WhyWeShare.com which has an online PDF version of the book and our 15 minute summary of it.

Sarah Harnisch also has a new $4 book for prospecting business builders called, Your Gameplan: Build a Life beyond Survival Mode

There is a very important method for HOW you share this tool with your prospect. DO NOT just give it to them and say something like, “I thought you might like this.” If you do that, chances are, 80% of the time, the person will never even open the front cover and you just lost the best tool in your toolbag! Kiss that prospect good buy. You blew it. I speak from experience. I have done that and I even knew better, and I still did it because I froze up in the moment.

This is how you need to present it. Practice it in the mirror or with your accountability partner until it no longer sounds awkward. This formula works. Don’t be ashamed to use it. You learned how to say “please” and “thank you”, you can learn to say, “If I …, would you…?” It is a courtesy.

We are hard-wired to respond to this phrase. It is a basic human desire to want to give something in return for receiving something. It is respectful of your prospect’s professional dignity to use this language, and it is the key to opening the dialogue which is going to lead to you training a new leader. It doesn’t matter if the person is your best friends or mother, you still need to follow these steps – especially if it is someone you know well.
Ok, so here we go. Here is a sample conversation with the key works, “If I , will you ?”:

"I don't have time to go into the details right now, but I was wondering if you would take a look at something for me. You have been so supportive and enthusiastic about essential oils, I really appreciate it! If I gave you this book which explains a little bit more about what we do in Young Living, would you look at it?”

[STOP TALKING AND WAIT FOR THE ANSWER. This is really important because until you do this a few dozen times you may be a little nervous and when people are nervous they usually prattle on and on, which scares people away.]

Friend: "Sure."

You: "Great, When do you think you'll have time to look at it, for sure?"
"This weekend."

"Ok; so if I call you (Monday morning) to ask you what you think, you will have looked at it?"

"Sure - or maybe (Monday evening) would be better."

“Great, what time should I call you (Monday evening)?”

“8:30 is usually good, I should have the kids down by then.”

“Ok, I will call you Monday at (8:30). Talk to you then! Bye." 

It doesn't have to be this exact script, but, if you skip these steps, the likelihood of your friend actually looking at the book diminishes significantly.

These 7 steps are listed in Eric Worre's Go Pro, Chapter 5: be in a hurry, pay a genuine compliment, make the invitation including the phrase, "If I gave you..., would you…?", get a time commitment, confirm the time commitment, schedule the follow-up call, and get off the phone.

2. The Follow-up Call: The Four Question Close

Then you call back at the scheduled time, verify she has looked through some of the book - don’t expect people to have read the whole thing. If the book hasn’t been cracked yet, reschedule. If she did look at it, say:

"What part did you like best?" Then stop talking, listen to her responses and answer any questions. This is your opportunity to explain what you like about the business model.

If she shows any interest ask this important lead-in question:

“We have excellent training resources to help you, but let me ask you a question - on a scale of 1-10, with one meaning you have zero interest and 10 being you’re ready for me to start training you to do the business right now, where are you?”

If she gives a number 0-2 ask what you can do to get her to a higher number – answer further questions, read a book, watch a video, attend an event?

If she gives a number 3 or above use the Four Question Close: 

1. “How much $ / month would make it worth your time?” 
2. “How many hours a week could you commit?” 
3. “How many months would you work to reach that kind of income?” 
4. Then repeat their numbers back to them: “If I could show you how to make $___/mo, working ___ hrs/wk, for ____ years, would you be ready to get started?” 

Give her a copy of your 101 script and walk her through the steps of hosting and/or teaching her first class; and set up a Gameplan appointment.

If she says she is not interested, ask for referrals. i.e. invite her to bring a couple super-star friends to the next intro event. Say,

"Who do you know that is professional, friendly, and would be excited about making some additional income? Why not invite her to our next intro event! At the very least we can get a few people under you and get your oils paid for."

3. The Gameplan Interview

Follow Sarah Harnisch’s template - walk through “Appendix J: Teacher Training” in Sarah Harnisch’s Gameplan book – preferably after your prospects first class.

I guarantee, if you follow this script and have confidence, you will be amazed at how effective it is. Just be your best self and have fun with it!

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