Why Young Living

Richard B. Brooke has been in network marketing (home-based, direct sales businesses) for forty years. He has made his fortune over and over again and now lives in Hawaii. Why would Richard sell both of his own network marketing businesses and join Young Living as a distributor? Find out why:

Please refer to the Income Disclosure Statement rank chart as you watch this video. 
Katy & Christopher Warner are currently living on a Gold rank salary in Young Living - one step away from making a Platinum ranked income (Platinum distributors in Young Living make, on average, $117,949 a year). 
What income rank would make this business worth it for you?

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  1. Great presentation, Christopher!! I'm so happy that you and Katy introduced us to Young Living essential oils AND very grateful to be part of your team.

  2. Thanks so much, Jenny! We love working with you, too! -Katy