8 Steps to Success

If you have had any training with Dani Johnson, you may have heard her talk about the eight steps to success:
  1. Exposure
  2. Connection
  3. Presentation
  4. Closing
  5. Follow-up
  6. Mobilization
  7. Duplication
  8. Leadership Development

At the last First Steps to Success event, Brian broke this down for those of us in network marketing and I want to break it down further for those of us on the HML-Young Living team.

Chances are you have done many, if not all these steps, before. If we want greater success, we need to follow these steps with greater skill.

1. Exposure – For those of us on the HML team, this means becoming known around our communities as the ‘Oil Lady’ (or the ‘Oil Guy’.) We want to be the go-to-person for people in our community who need oils and YL supplements. 99% of our customers come through referrals, so become known in your community as the ‘Go-to-for-Oils’. Let that identity be the measure for whether or not you are getting the exposure you need to succeed.

If you feel like the community of people you hang out with the most already has an ‘oil lady’ dominating the market, and she is not on your team, you probably need to find your way into other communities - other friend-circles. The HML team is in over 50 different friend-circles nationwide. You want to be exposing yourself in a dozen different friend-circles, at least.

There are several ways we initially get exposure. First, we create a List of Resources and let the people on that list know we are in business. This could be over coffee, on the phone, via social media, etc. But we also ask for referrals. Everyone we know has 200+ contacts of their own. “Who do you know who could also benefit from essential oils?” should be a question we frequently ask our clients.

2. Connection – When we reach out to people, we do so professionally, which means we honor them first. Dani teaches her clients how to honor others using FORM. Basically, you want to let people know you care about them by asking questions about things that are important to them: family, work, recreation, etc. This establishes trust and report. No one wants to be sold, but everyone likes to buy things that are valuable to them. Find the person’s needs and figure out a way to meet their need. Ask questions like, “What is important to you?” “What are you praying for?” “What are your needs?”

You will both feel better about Young Living if you take the opportunity to continually build the relationship as you do business together. Every time you talk to one of your members, you should be FORMing them – you should be getting to know them better, so you can better serve them. That is what business is about. It is about meeting the needs of our customers. It is a noble enterprise. How do we know what our clients need unless we ask them?

3. Presentation – The best way to present our oils and supplements to a prospective client is face-to-face. This can be a one-on-one meeting at a coffee shop or a group class. When a face-to-face presentation is not possible, a video presentation or phone presentation can also be effective.

4. Closing – Every presentation needs a closing. This is the most important part. Without an effective close, you will have no customers. Delivering the closing script is a skill that must be mastered if you want to successfully help people through your business. Dani Johnson offers a lot of training in this area. I highly recommend you listen to her training materials on closing.

Dani says, “If you aren’t closing every day, you are entertaining fear.”

5-6. Follow-Up & Mobilization – The purpose of follow-up is to mobilize your members. We want to get them going on Essential Rewards so that their health is getting exponentially better, and we want to ask happy oil users to host classes for their friends. Don’t tell members that hosting a class = doing the business. That may scare new members away. Just tell them it will be fun and an opportunity to help their friends with their health issues.

Once your hostess gets a check in the mail, then you have the opportunity to explain the business to them.

7. Duplication – Duplication is possible for the HML team through the HML team support network which include: Monday Night Calls, Zoom Calls, and the HML Messenger Group. We share the scripts that we use, we share our experience – what has worked and what hasn’t, and we recommend leadership development programs. Duplication is what helps us grow quickly and efficiently. 

Duplication makes it possible for anyone to come in fresh and do better than the previous group of builders. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

 Instant Customer Goldmine8. Leadership Development – In the Marine Corps we had a saying, “Training drives Operations.” 

We are only as good as our training. Most of our training is on-the-job training. You host a class and one of your upline members teaches the first class for you. You team teach the second class and your upline support supervises while you teach the third class.

However, we also need to get professional training from people who have been successful in this industry. This is why we highly recommend proven professionals like Sarah Harnisch, Dani Johnson, Richard Brooke, and Eric Worre.  

These 6-7 figure earners have abundant resources that help us reach our goals and work through our weaknesses, so we can become the network marketing professionals we want to be.

There is another secret to success that Brian and Dani talk about. This falls under duplication. What if you could get everyone on your team – all your new business builders to make $2000 in ten hours? Wouldn’t that be great?! You can.

Brian said, “Find one or two ways that your compensation plan allows you to make $2000 in ten hours.” Do that over and over again with your new recruits and your growth will be unstoppable.

We have done that. It is the system we have been teaching you for the past six months. It is called the Launch Weekend. The best way we know how to make $2000 in ten hours with our Compensation Plan is to do a Launch Weekend.

What is a Launch Weekend? Ask Leif & Karen Arvidson. Ask Tom & Annemarie Thimons. A Launch Weekend is when you have 5-8 classes in one weekend and sign up 20-40 people. You need to personally invite about 200 people to pull it off, it works beautifully, and the story is very attractive.

How would you like to say, “Sally made $2000 in ten hours this past weekend!”? That is a good testimonial for our business!

Do a Launch Weekend and train your new recruits to do a Launch Weekend with their friends.
If you have been waiting for the secret formula, here it is. It is called acting on the 8 Steps to Success and creating massive momentum through duplication. 

Go for it!

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