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Seed to Seal Tour (6 min. video)

Life Science Publishing


Many women still believe the only two options are to stay at home and be a full-time housewife or to get a job outside the home. Carrie Gress, a good friend of ours, explains why neither one of these extremes is ideal:

If you want to be successful you will need a system. Take a few minutes to read through Our System and then come back to this page for more training. (see tab at the top of the page or CLICK HERE).

You might be thinking, "But isn't network marketing a Pyramid Scheme?" It's OK, I thought the same thing 7 years ago.

We didn't get serious until after we read this book and understood the compound effect of network marketing and the possibility of creating a stable, residual income stream. This is our summary of the Four Year Career:

2. "Building Your Network Marketing Business" by Jim Rohn, is a great audio classic to get your mind ready for networking:

Purchase on iTunes or Amazon Audible for $2

3. Darren Hardy, entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, and editor of "Success" magazine, also got his start in network marketing and can help you with "Making the Shift" into your new career:

We have tried to follow Adam Green's System since 2013 because he is the master of using third party resources and not reinventing the wheel. We invite you, likewise, to strive to do a few simple things well.

5. Gameplan, Sarah Harnisch (buy)
For those of us who have committed to sharing Young Living with as many people as we can, this book is exactly what we have been looking for:

Sarah Harnisch explains how to grow a vibrant organization quickly and helps us avoid the common mistakes most people make in the beginning.

6. 30-Day Bootcamp with Dani Johnson (FREE!)

7. A Catholic's Guide to Essential Oils, Christopher Warner

This engaging, quick-read answers common questions Christians, and especially Catholics, have about essential oils: Are Catholics allowed to use essential oils? Why use oils? Aren't essential oils New Age? What do the Bible and the saints say about oils? What about using oil blends for emotions? Is direct selling essential oils a legitimate family business for Christians? How do I know what to look for when purchasing essential oils for my home?  

8. Go Pro, Eric Worre (buy)

Eric Worre says, "My wish for you is that you become a network marketing professional, that you decide to go pro, because it is a stone cold fact, we have a better way. Now lets go tell the world."

9. Debra Raybern's story is so inspiring. You will realize you can do this business if you decide it HAS TO WORK!:

10. Rise of the Entrepreneur” (52 min.)

You can find this Eric Worre documentary on Amazon. Eric Worre is dedicated to making the network marketing profession better, which is easy because better and better people are joining the profession everyday, like these two family men from Wall Street:

11. Commit to Daily Personal Development
Read and listen to the above resources over and over again and share them with others. Discover other resources and never stop learning!

Other Resources
You may also request these documents from us:
  • Compensation Plan PowerPoint - This is how we learned the Compensation Plan 
  • New Member follow up email template - This is what we send members within a few days of their sign-up
  • Class Handouts -  These are handouts we print and give out at YL Intro classes
  • Class Roster sheet to collect email and phone of attendees
  • New member Follow-up Check List
"Readers are learns and learners are earners." 



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    1. You are welcome! I am so happy they have been a blessing to you. I refer back to these links almost every day. These materials are truly driving our team!

  2. So happy to have all these resources at my fingertips! Thank you!