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Weekly Accountability & Encouragement Questions Document

Summary of Accountability System:

One of Dani Johnson's leadership development trainers, Laura Senkowski, met with us Friday and gave us some simple advice for running our business like a business. Laura has a track record of working with top Young Living income earners, Sarah Harnisch, Christa Smith, and Lindsey Germont.

Laura had two main points: We need to have scheduled business hours and get good at tracking numbers so we know where we are having success and where we need to grow.

Consistency is very important. We don't have a business if we are not doing income producing activities (IPAs) every day. Laura recommended we schedule 10 hours a week, but it is possible to grow a business slowly with as little as 5 hours a week. Less than 5 hours a week will not create the mommentum needed to grow a home-based business.

IPAs include invites, classes, and follow-ups. If we are not talking to people and building relationships, we don't have a business.


Brian Neiderhaus says that if you have 5 hours a week that means 3 hours of invites, a 1-hour class and 1 hour of follow-up. That translates to 4 classes month. If you are working 10 hours a week you would double that and do two classes a week or eight a month.

Invites means you are calling people to invite them to either an intro class, an event or a business opportunity presentation.
 Classes are made up of two parts, the presentation and the closing. The most important part is the closing.
Follow-ups are also called Care Calls. We like to follow-up with new members 3-10-30 days after a class. The purpose of these calls is to help them use the products they purchased, ask them to host a class and help them make a second purchase

Before making your invite and follow-up calls it is very important to write a list. I recommend you make a new list once a week. If you are working 5 hours a week you will need a list of 20 people to invite to a presentation, and 5 members to follow-ups with. (Call them three times) 50-75 dials/week (20-30 dials an hour and expect to talk to between 1-3 people an hour).


Laura reminded us that another very important part of treating our business like a business is tracking numbers.

When Katy was on Dani Johnson’s YL coaching classes, they had to track the same numbers every week: # of dials, # of contacts, # of presentations, # of sales, # of biz builders closed, and income earned. 

ER% is something we have tracked in the past and is a number we want to start tracking again. You can track this very easily through the oily tools app. The goal is 30-50% or better!

Accountability is not a negative thing it is a positive thing. If we are working in small teams of four, we will have a lot of wisdom to share with each other. We will be able to celebrate our successful numbers together and get advice on how to do better with our weaker numbers. Weakness are not bad they just are. We all have weaknesses.

At the beginning of the month your accountability team leader will ask you for your 90 day goals and 30 day goals. Your accountability team will help you make those goals a reality by figuring out what it is going to take to reach those goals.

We also realized that the most important rank in our organization is the rank of Star. The new Star is the enthusiastic oil user, the class hostess, and the budding new business builder. 

If each of the current business builders in the HML team focused on helping 1-3 new people reach the rank of star each month, we would all be ranking up every six months. The new Star is the one who needs the most support.

So we are going to track and celebrate ER%, and new Stars, and we are also going to track our IPA numbers: # of dials, # of conversations, # of classes, # of new members, and OGV growth.

We encourage everyone to be a part of one or two accountability teams that are meeting weekly for about 20 min. One group is for your own accountability and encouragement and the other group is for you to lead. If you are just getting started and don’t have anyone to lead yet. Don’t worry. You will soon.

You are encouraged to use the accountability questions below. Your Weekly Accountability Worksheet is page three of this document. Make several copies of page 3 so you can fill one out each week:

Note: Next to '# of Conversations' on the worksheet it has (Y, N, M) This stands for Yes, No, or Maybe. This means every time you have a conversation you have a message, an invitation to come to a class or view a presentation. Their response to this invitation is yes, no, or maybe. Record that conversation as Y, N, or M. Simple.

My wish for all of us is that we would thrive with Young Living; that we would find a way to serve many people, because it’s a stone-cold fact, we have a better way.

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