Who's YOUR Dani Johnson?!

"Who's your Dani Johnson?" is a joke in my extended family. We get teased for promoting some of the great mentors who have inspired us in life and business. For those of you who are new to the Healthy Merry Living (HML) team, it might be worth your time - you may even find it humorous to read this short recap of our history of errors and discoveries. This post is a review of the four systems we have used to share Young Living over the past five years.

"Reading this post will save you hundreds of hours."

When Katy, Anne, and I got started with the Young Living business opportunity in 2014, we had no idea what we were doing. Somehow we stumbled on the Four Year Career book and figured out you could turn Young Living into a side business, but we didn't have much of a trail to follow. The person who inspired me the most, at that time, was Adam Green.

Adam was the youngest person in Young Living to reach the top rank of Royal Crown Diamond, at the age of 25. We figured out enough to know that you want to follow people who are being successful, so I started off on a quest to discover how Adam Green did the business. That search led us to this video below, which is still one of my favorites. If you have never watched this "Getting Started Right" video before, come back after you finish reading the post and watch it. It is timeless:

In the video, Adam mentions "Heart Centered Sharing" which is Vicki Opfer's training system. Vicki's system is now called Essential Sharing - the title of her book. When we found out Adam was using this system, we got very excited! This system of teaching classes and helping customers become happy-product-users has been the foundation of the HML leadership team.

"Essential Sharing is the foundation for the living room class - Katy Warner, Anne Auger, and Karen Arvidson's bread & butter presentation system."

We never would have branched out from Essential Sharing except for two major flaws in the system: lack of personal connection and the lack of an audio/video/live-event coaching accompaniment. Essential Sharing is written by someone who did this business twenty years ago when network marketing and Young Living were very different from what they are today. Vicki is not an active coach.

Personal Connection. Our more recent business builders have grown to love the personality of Sarah Harnisch because they can relate to a hustling mom of five, struggling to get out of poverty and make-it-happen! with Young Living. We didn't know Vicki personally, at all. She is a generation or two older than most of our young, stay-at-home moms who want to make a go of this opportunity. 

LIVE & Continuous Coaching. One thing we never would have guessed when we were first starting out in the business is how much coaching is required to become a network marketing professional. Network marketing is unlike any other business on the face of the earth. It has its own unique skill sets that need to be learned. Quality coaching can speed up the process, but quality coaching is hard to find and can be expensive.

When Sarah Harnisch wrote Gameplan, it was a breath of fresh air for our business builders. Then she offered a 30 day FREE Bootcamp and the Young Living world went bananas! No one had offered training like this before. Sarah has continued to deliver with Young Living specific training that has been a God-send to many of our builders. Sarah has a big following in our HML team. Sarah's books are a great resource for builders who want to explore different ways of sharing Young Living outside of the living room. She has worked hard to simplify what, at first, was a very cumbersome and overwhelming system.

My only caution with Sarah is that she has a strong personality and limitless energy, which many builders have found difficult to imitate. The key to network marketing success is a system that anyone can do.  The backbone of Sarah's system is four to six classes a month, and if you do that, you will be successful.  

Sarah Harnisch recommended Dani Johnson's training in Gameplan, which inspired our team to start attending "First Steps to Success" weekend coaching events in 2017. Dani Johnson has been an amazing mentor and life coach to much of the HML leadership team. Dani has a gift helping people to change their lives for the better in every area. She gives a comprehensive vision for how to manage money and foster (or heal) relationships. Many of us in the HML team have greatly benefited from Dani Johnson's training - relationships have been healed, marriages have been enriched, and debt has been paid off. The HML team alone has paid off well over half a million dollars in personal debt since 2017.

Dani is another strong personality. As much as we have benefited from her life coaching, Katy, and some of the other builders, have had a hard time figuring out how to apply her business training to Young Living specific skills. Some of our business builders have been intimidated by her direct approach to recruiting and her no-nonsense system which revolves around scripts and interviews.

I personally have gained so much from Dani, but I also happen to have the personality that she prefers to target market and coach. I am, what she calls, a ruby. Rubies are interested in making a lot of money fast because rubies need a big challenge and big goals to thrive in life. Sarah Harnisch is also a ruby, which is why she is able to do all that she does. If you are a ruby, I highly recommend following Dani Johnson's Smarter Networker system - I believe it has the potential to yield VERY big results in Young Living - especially in 2020.

Breaking News: Dani Johnson has come out of coaching-retirement to coach us, network marketers, during the 2020 quarantine and wants to help 1000 people earn a $10,000 a month pay check by the end of the next 90 days!

If you are a ruby who is hungry for a big challenge and teachable, I invite you to join me for two training events. My goal is to follow Dani's instructions to the letter for the next 90 days and strive to master her system. 


My personal goal is to find seven brand new people who want to make six figures this year in Young Living. I know that might seem like a crazy goal, but I have been taking a second look at Dani's system, and think it is totally possible. If you have no ruby in you (Katy is not doing this training with me, by the way - she is continuing to get trained by Richard Brooke), I do not recommend this course of action for every personality type, but if your ruby blood is fired up for a big challenge, join me in 2020:

Finally, the story comes full circle. We knew from Adam Green, and from reading the Four Year Career, that it is important to get coaching and we also knew that Adam Green got his best coaching from Richard Brooke, but five years ago Richard Brooke was not in Young Living, and his training sessions were not cheap or widely accessible.

We are currently in a whole new era of coaching. Richard Brooke launched "Run through Rank"on FB in 2020. Katy Warner, Mary Duh, Anne Auger, Carolyn Munda, and Diane Jacobson attended this training (I sat in on many of the sessions with Katy) and Katy & Mary liked it enough that they are doing it again starting May 4th.  

Richard is not a 'has-been'; he has been ACTIVE in network marketing for 40 years and he and his wife Kimmy are still building . . . currently IN YOUNG LIVING! In 2018 Richard sold both of his network marketing businesses and joined Young Living as a distributor. Why? If you haven't seen this video below yet, it is a must-see. If you have not registered for his upcoming "Run Through Rank" yet, I highly recommend it to every business builder who wants to reach the rank of Gold or higher. I believe Richard Brooke may be the network marketing coach this team has been praying for to help us become more comfortable with Network Marketing and rank up beyond Silver. 

No matter what your personality is, Richard Brooke is an amazing coach. At this point in the game, if someone was to ask me what the best system is and the best training for our serious business builders, I would have to say it's "Run Through Rank" with Richard Brooke. If you have not signed up for this training yet, I cannot recommend it enough. This is twenty-two hours of Young-Living-specific training by a Young Living member who has forty years experience in the industry and has been building with Young Living for two years. He understands our culture and our compensation plan and he is ready to serve you as your coach, if you are willing to take it to the next level and become a network marketing professional.

I highly recommend this very affordable ten-week training package with Richard Brooke. He might be your new Dani Johnson:



On behalf of the HML leadership team, I sincerely apologize if having four coaches and four different systems has been overwhelming and confusing. We do not expect you to try and work all four systems simultaneously - in fact, we highly discourage that.

 "Pick one system that makes sense to you, and stick with it until you master it."

Essential Sharing. This is a great resource if you want to focus on the living room class and helping people get set-up on Essential Rewards. This is where we started. If your goal is Executive or Silver, and you enjoy having people over, this is a great system. For home classes we also highly recommend "Instant Customer Goldmine" by Dani Johnson. If your goal is to eventually make an extra $500-$1000 a month, Essential Sharing and/or Sarah Harnisch are probably all the training you need.

Sarah Harnisch. Sarah has a lot of online free video and her books are very inspiring for the mommy-preneur. Sarah gives a lot of ideas - things you can do in the business. Pick one invite method, one presentation method, and one follow-up method and master those skills. Plug into Sarah when you need some inspiration, if she resonates and inspires you. If you find her system exhausting, pick something else.

Dani Johnson. If you are struggling with connecting with people and need to work on your relationship building skills or if you were never taught how to spend money wisely and the principles of investing, Dani is the master. The "First Steps to Success" training weekend is worth every penny. If you are extremely driven to make six or seven figures a year, I recommend her Smarter Networker PRO membership and Elite coaching. Her system is simple, hard core, and has proven results for those bold and humble enough to follow her very specific directions. Her system is not for the business dabbler or the slow builder who wants to focus on product.

Richard Bliss Brooke. Richard brings wisdom and real time experience to Young Living. He has been actively distributing and coaching top performers for several decades. I will warn you that he is going to make you do business invites - but to be honest, if you are not sharing the business opportunity, you aren't doing network marketing and you could be making more money in traditional retail. We have some business builders on our team who are comfortable inviting people to a product presentation but are afraid to invite someone to take a look at the business opportunity. Richard is very gentle - very different from Dani Johnson. His Authentic Networker system is honoring, kind, disarming, and perfect for most of our (pearl) builders. If you want to get to the rank of Gold or above and his style resonates with you, I recommend training with Richard.

Final Thought . . . Network marketing is not rocket science. We only do four things: 
  1. invite people to take a look at a presentation, 
  2. give the presentation (or share someone else's presentation), 
  3. set people up with a Young Living account and the resources they need to thrive, 
  4. follow-up with them to make sure they are getting the results they want.
Find a system that you have had success with and master it. In order to master it, get coached by your upline and by one of these four coaches mentioned above, or another coach, that resonates with who you are, what your goals are, and how you want to build the business.

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