How to Share Essential Oils with Family during the Holidays

Whether we are happy oil user
or also enjoy the income opportunity - 
We all want to share our enthusiasm for oils
with family and friends during this joyful season!

What could be more natural?

5 Quick Tips for Sharing Oils without Hype:

1. Let essential oils come up naturally in your conversation. Don’t have an agenda; just be prepared to talk about the oils and supplements you use regularly. Don’t suddenly try to give an out-of-character ‘sales pitch’ and get weird about it.
  • Action A: Be genuinely helpful and enthusiastic. Recommend Young Living products the same way you would recommend any other product you enjoy using.
  • Action B: Respond to a real need. If someone gets a burn, offer lavender. If someone is anxious offer Stress Away. If you are cooking, use Vitality oils in your recipe and share about your new discovery.

2. Assume your interested family members will want to order. Don’t recommend a product and then leave your family hanging.
  • Action A: Explain how to order by telling the story of how you first ordered. “I was at this essential oil class and this nice lady explained all about how to use the oils and helped me set up an account. I bought the Premium Starter Kit which has a diffuser and 11 oils  . . .”
  • Action B: Offer to order a few things in your next order. If your friend or family member is overwhelmed by the idea of a membership, add their order to yours, at first.

3. Give your family members lots of freedom. If they are not interested, don’t take it as a personal rejection. Don’t torture yourself and your loved ones by making the conversation awkward. Don’t be defensive.
  • Action A: If your family member is not interested, drop the oil talk and move on to more enjoyable conversation.
  • Action B: Try again later if you think your family member could really benefit from a particular product. Offer a sample.

4. Follow up with your family members and help them get started right. The best way for anyone to start is to set up a member account. It is easier for you and for them. Plus you get a $50 ‘thank-you-check’ from Young Living for enrolling someone with a Premium Starter Kit - as long as you put a 50+PV order in the same month.
  • Action A: Do whatever you promised to do for them. Order their oils or walk them through the membership process. Talk a few days later and ask if you can answer any questions about the oils.
  • Action B: Help them set up their own account. You can do this immediately or eventually, depending on the interest level. Go to Use your member number as enroller and sponsor.

5. Help your family members tap into essential oil resources and communities that will help them get off to a good start. Learning how to use essential oils has never been easier with online resources, but being part of a real community of oil users is even more important.
  • Action A: Invite them over for an oil class at your home - or their homes with their friends. Call your upline sponsor to schedule a class. Katy’s cell is 608-769-2376
  • Action B: Bring them along to our next event.
  • Action C: Stay connected to your upline support so you can learn how to be a good sponsor yourself.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

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