Essential Oils 101

Are you ready to take back control of your health and maintain a healthy body?

Today’s lifestyle doesn’t always create optimal conditions for physical wellness. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and an overabundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced with diminished energy levels.

From fitness and weight management to supporting every system of the body, essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements can provide the targeted solutions you need to flourish!

We are excited to share our passion for health and wellness with you because it has been such a blessing to be able to get on top of our health and share these gifts with others. We are so grateful for essential oils and the way they’ve supported our bodies and enriched our lives.

This information is for educational purposes only.

If you are on any prescription medication or have a medical condition whatsoever, always consult your doctor or healthcare professional first.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease. A decision to use/not use this information is your sole responsibility. Views expressed in this presentation apply only to Young Living Essential Oils.

Knowledge is bliss, so when it comes to nutrition and health, I highly suggest you turn to resources like those found at and
Thankfully, you do not need to be an expert to use essential oils. There are many resources out there to help you figure out what works best for you and your family.

So, what exactly are essential oils and Why Do We Use Them?

What are Essential Oils and Why Do We Use Them?

Essential oils and essential oil infused supplements support our body for optimal health.

Essential oils are steam distilled or pressed from plants – from the leaves, roots, bark, stems, rinds or seeds of plants.

They are much more concentrated, and therefore, more potent than dried herbs. 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 26 cups of peppermint tea! 1 drop of lemon oil is equivalent 16 lemon rinds!

They are the ‘lifeblood’ of the plant that initiates cell regeneration and repair. Essential oils support the immune system of plants, and they work in a similar way for humans. Psalm 104 says that God created plants for our food, joy, and wellbeing. Plants and humans have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship according to God’s design. (Think about how we make carbon dioxide for plants and they make oxygen for us!)

Essential oils can quickly penetrate the tissues of the skin, and from there diffuse throughout the body into the blood and tissues.

They can affect the body, at the cellular level, by supporting cellular health, normal cellular regeneration, and by supporting the immune system.

Essential oils work synergistically with the body to support normal body processes because they are recognized by the body as nutrients - food.

Essential oils oxygenate the cell, support the body’s natural detoxification processes, make cells more permeable, and defend against unwanted guests in our bodies. Some can cross the blood brain barrier, like cedarwood, vetiver, and lavender. Those oils are helpful for supporting ALL bodily systems: skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, lymphatic, urinary, reproductive and integumentary systems.

Each oil, just like every living thing, carries a scientifically measurable frequency.  Essential oils have the capacity to raise your body frequency. The more you are applying oils on yourself and family, the higher your body frequency and the potential for better overall health increases. Use them often for best results.

Essential oils also carry an antioxidant value called the ORAC score. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity which is basically the oils capacity to inhibit free radicals. When you think of an antioxidant what do you think of? Blueberries. Well, clove essential oil contains the highest ORAC value at over 1 million vs. blueberries at 2400.

Just as our bodies are constantly changing and adapting to the environment, so are plants and thus essential oils adapting to the environment, weather, soil, etc. This is the beautiful thing about therapeutic grade essential oils. They are always a bit different and will vary from batch to batch because they aren’t made up in a lab.

If you find a brand of EO’s where every bottle smells very similar, that is a red flag that the essential oil has been chemically altered. 

Quick History Lesson – essential oils, even though trendy, are nothing new!

In fact, they are the oldest form of medicine, dating back to 4,500 BC! They were used in religious rituals and to treat illnesses.

They were used in China, India, Greek & Roman empires, and found in ancient scriptures from the Bible, Torah and Koran. In fact, in the Bible, there are over 200 references to aromatics, incense and ointments referring to Frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cassia, rosemary, hyssop and spikenard which were used for anointing and healing the sick.

In 1922 when King Tut’s tomb was discovered, there were 50 jars in his tomb that could hold 350 liters of oil, all of which had been stolen but the gold had not been! The robbers literally chose the oils over the gold, showing how valuable they were at the time. The ancient Egyptians were masters of using essential oils. Many hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian temples depict the blending of oils and describe numerous oil recipes.

Daily applications of essential oils in biblical times were extensive. 36 books of the Old Testament and 10 books of the New Testament mention essential oils or the plants that produce them. There are over 10,000 references to essential oils in the National Library of Medicine

So, there are a lot of essential oil brands out there. What makes Young Living so special?

Katy and I bought some essential oils on our honeymoon – for a natural perfume substitute, because Christopher can’t stand perfume and synthetic scented frou-frou (candles, etc).

In 2012 our holistic M.D. recommended we use Young Living’s essential oil blend, RC, to support the respiratory system during the winter months and that was our first exposure to Young Living essential oils and supplements.
One thing that’s good to know is that essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, so you do have to do your own research to make sure you’re buying a truly pure oil. Their only requirement is that 5% of the oil be pure therapeutic grade oil for it to be called, “pure, therapeutic grade.” Companies are allowed to add fillers, water, synthetic chemicals and more!

Young Living was founded in 1993, and is the oldest, most trusted essential oil company in the world. Young Living has 21+ years of research and experience, and is the only company that has the Seed to Seal® guarantee. Our guarantee is the heart of our commitment to purity and authenticity. You deserve products that are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and of unmatched purity, and that is what you get with the Young Living.

So, I’m going to walk you through that Seed to Seal process.


Young Living uses the proper species of seed, the one that is most robust and will yield the highest potency of oil. This is very important for making a high quality oil that works.


Next, all the plants are organically grown beyond certified organic standards (composting, total sustainable farming), so no pesticides or herbicides are used. The weed control is literally done by hand! And this is perhaps most important of all - something a lot of companies skip – the plants are harvested at the appropriate time of year when they are fully mature and contain the most nutrient constituents.


Young Living preserves the oils’ full range (hundreds to thousands) of chemical constituents by using low­ temperature steam distillation. The proper part of the plant is distilled, without any chemicals, and only done once. What does that mean? Young Living Oils are first distillation only. Think of making coffee. The first cup is rich, dark and very tasty. If you keep those same grounds in the coffee maker and run the water back over them, that second cup would be watered down and brown, but might still taste okay. Do it again and again and soon enough, you have nasty brown water. Young Living distills plant matter one time and then composts it, like that first cup of coffee!


Young Living uses its own internal labs, in addition to third-party audits, to verify that international purity and potency standards are met and surpassed. They complete 8 different tests on every batch of oil that is made.


All of the oils are bottled with care and labeled at our warehouse in Spanish Fork, Utah. And last, Young Living owns its own farms unlike most other companies. They control the entire process at each farm. Anyone is welcome to visit farms and view distilleries. Young Living is a full disclosure company!

Essential Oil Aromatic Usage

Young Living follows the French model of essential oil usage because of the high quality of our essential oils. If in doubt about how to use an oil, it’s always great to start with the primary usage on the label and then go from there as you see fit for your family.

Fragrance is the substance of memories. Research shows that when inhaling the pure constituents in these essential oils, it can stimulate the olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory, emotion, and state of mind. This is the brain’s center of emotion and memory.

Hence, a scent has the power to activate a number of physical and emotional responses in just 22 seconds, which is the time is takes for an oil to reach the brain when inhaled. Essential oils can be your key to a more fulfilling and balanced emotional life. To help you rediscover peace, balance, and joy, use these essential oils and blends for diffusion, soothing baths, massage, inhalation, or topical application.

You can smell directly from the bottle. I love to do that when I need some emotional balance or respiratory support.

Diffusing is another way we inhale oils. It purifies the air, makes your home smell good without chemicals and is excellent for respiratory support, hormone support, and crazy kids. Having more than one diffuser is a plus, too.

You can also place a drop or two in your hands and cup them over your nose and mouth.

Essential Oil Topical Usage

Because of their molecular structure, essential oils are rapidly absorbed by the skin. Sometimes when you apply an oil to the skin, it almost seems to disappear into the body. When applied topically, it takes 2-­­3 minutes for an oil to reach the bloodstream, 20 minutes to affect every cell in the body, then metabolized within 2 1⁄2 hours.

It’s not rocket science; ­­apply oils to the area where you want to provide support. Some favorite places are wrists, behind the ears, neck, temples, stomach or especially feet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Photosensitive oils = citrus oils. Be sure to apply where the sun doesn’t shine so you don’t get a sunburn.

Diluting: See dilution instructions on each bottle. Some of Young Livings essential oils can be applied neat (without dilution) and others need to be diluted 4 to 1 for adults and up to 30 to 1 for infants.

Dilute essential oils with Young Living’s V­6 Vegetable Oil complex in your palm.

Do not ever rub or drop oils in the eyes or ears. If an essential oil gets in the eye, put a dab of a fatty carrier oil like olive, jojoba, almond, sesame or grapeseed oil around the outside of the eyelid.  Do NOT use water. The fatty oil will cut the essential oil and take away the burn in seconds.

Proper Topical Dilution & Safety

Let’s talk about carrier oils. They are fatty vegetable oils used for dilution. There are many to choose from including olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed, coconut, and jojoba oil.

Proper usage is indicated on each essential oil label. Please follow label instructions. The idea of “if a little is good, a lot is better” is not always correct. Essential oils are very potent and powerful, so start low and go slow. In most cases 1-2 drops are adequate and using more may waste product. Depending on the essential oil you can gradually build up to 3-5 uses per day if desired.

We suggest doing a skin-patch test first and if you’re brand-new to essential oils, start slowly. Too much can cause a detox reaction of a headache, rash, upset stomach or diarrhea. This is uncomfortable but not harmful; the essential oils are just cleaning out all the junk (detoxing). But because detox can be uncomfortable, we suggest starting slowly.

Essential Oil Internal Usage

·         If the oil bottle label indicates it can be used as a dietary supplement, then it is safe to take internally (this is only true of pure, clean oils like Young Living’s oils. Beware of store-bought oils that have written “do not take internally.” It’s a sure sign they’ve been adulterated with chemicals!)
·         Can add oils to food for flavor (just need a drop or two – lemon, basil, oregano, thyme, etc.) – see our new Vitality® line of oils!
·         Put a drop of lemon in water, or dilute in coconut oil and add to herbal tea
·         Put in enteric coated gelatin capsules (doesn’t dissolve until it’s in the intestines - safer), Young Living sells these capsules.
·         Not recommended for children under age 5.

Basic Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils are potent gifts from nature that can often be more powerful than expected. In order to prevent misuse of these precious oils and ensure their maximum benefit, please follow precautions.
·         Do not put essential oils directly in eyes or ear canal, it will burn.
·         If an essential oil gets in your eye, put milk or a carrier oil around the eye for relief. Do NOT use water as oil and water don’t mix!
·         If an essential oil feels hot to the skin, immediately apply a carrier oil on the area for relief.
·         If a rash occurs at any time after application of an oil, refrain from applying topically for a few days, and start back slowly with dilution of a carrier oil.
·         Pregnant women, epileptics, and those with high blood pressure should consult their doctors or health care practitioner as there are a few oils that should be avoided.
·         Citrus oils are photosensitive, so if applied topically, avoid being in the sun for a long period of time.
·         If taking medication on a regular basis, or have a medical condition, always consult your doctor.

Now onto the fun stuff! I’m going to cover Young Living’s top 10 essential oils. These come in a set called the Everyday Oils, which comes in the Premium Starter Kitwhich is hands-down the best, cheapest and most effective way to get started with essential oils.

One thing to notice – all of the oils are good for MANY different things & overlap. Another reason to get the kit is so you can experiment & find the oils that work best for you and your family. Some will be more effective for you than others because your unique body chemistry will react differently than someone else’s will. When you start off with 11 oils, you can really have success.

Lavender is one of history’s most celebrated and versatile essential oils. It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime. Today, we use lavender to cleanse, support normal sleep, ease occasional stressful moods, and soothe sun-exposed skin. Young Living’s Therapeutic-grade lavender is also highly regarded for skin and beauty.
·         Diffuse for a comforting and calming scent.
·         Unwind by adding a few drops to a nighttime bath.
·         Diffuse for a fresh, clean scent and to eliminate odors.
·         May complement some of your favorite, synthetic-chemical-free shampoos, lotions, or skin care products.

Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of the lemon. It promotes clarity of thought and purpose and has a purifying citrus scent that is invigorating, enhancing, and warming and is known as one of the most fragrant essential oils. Lemon essential oil includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene, which has been linked to healthy immune system function.
·         Lemon supports the digestive system and liver to help the body cleanse itself.
·         Lemon is also an important ingredient in natural cosmetics that may be useful for cleansing the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
·         Lemon may also be used to enhance the flavor of foods.
·         It takes about 3,000 lemons to produce 1 kilo of lemon oil.
·         **Caution** Avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to prolonged sunlight or UV light within 24 hours.

This oil is great for cleaning. It helps to lift off stuck-on particles and makes the house smell SO fresh without all the nasty toxic chemicals found in cleaning supplies.

Peppermint is one of our favorite oils!
Peppermint has an invigorating and fresh mint aroma. This amazing and versatile essential oil has been widely studied for its potential health benefits and for its ability to enhance mental acuity. It is also known for its impressive support of digestive functions. *
·         Supports gastrointestinal system comfort.
·         Promotes healthy bowel function.
·         Enhances healthy gut function.
·         Maintains efficiency of the digestive tract.
·         Supports normal digestion.
·         May support performance during exercise.

Frankincense is one of the oldest essential oils. Highly prized in the Middle East, frankincense has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It was well known during the time of Christ and was one of the gifts given to Jesus at his birth. Anciently, the Chinese used frankincense to support overall health.

Frankincense includes the naturally occurring constituent boswellic acid, and has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma. Research shows that when inhaling the pure constituents in these oils, it helps stimulate the olfactory receptors and activate regions in the brain’s limbic system associated with memory and emotion.

Applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin, and is excellent to use for massage after activity.

Purification helps freshen the air and eliminate odors with its unique combination of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Myrtle essential oils.
·         Diffuse to freshen air and eliminate odors.
·         Put a few drops on cotton balls and place on vents in house, car, and closets to freshen the air.
·         Add to Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base or 4 drops to a cup of Epsom salt for a soothing foot soak.
·         Add to distilled water in a small spray bottle and use when traveling to freshen the air
·         Add a couple of drops of Purification to your washing machine to keep your laundry fresh.
·         Lemongrass essential oil supports overall well-being*, and may support the digestive system.
·         Citronella essential oil is used as an insect deterrent, as well as to help prevent food spoilage.
·         Rosemary is a fresh-smelling, energizing oil that aids in the restoration of mental alertness.
·         Myrtle supports the respiratory system and encourages healthy skin and hair.
We have found it to be very effective as a natural outdoor scent to help keep bugs away.

Thieves® essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals they used while robbing the dead and dying. Young Living’s one-of-a-kind Thieves blend, crafted in the spirit of that legendary combination, can be found in all of our Thieves products. When taken internally, Thieves supports healthy immune function. When taken as a dietary supplement, Thieves is an ideal complement to a daily wellness regimen.
·         Cinnamon is thought to promote healthy cardiovascular and immune function.
·         Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, may help maintain a healthy respiratory system.
·         Clove promotes a healthy immune response* and may support overall wellness.

Who Should Use Thieves Essential Oil Blend?

·         Those who want to add an extra boost to their antioxidant support.
·         Anyone looking to naturally protect their surroundings.
·         Those looking to diffuse an aromatic oil blend that is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

Thieves can be found in many of Young Living’s most popular products, and is a safe, natural alternative to use in your home.

You can gargle a drop or two in a glass of water for immune support. 

Thieves Product Line – Household Cleaners, Hand Purifiers, Hand Soap, Toothpaste, Mouthwash

Thieves is so incredibly popular that we now have an entire line of products dedicated to it! I have tried every one and have been happy with them all.
·         Exceptional cleaning with the power of Thieves and Lemon essential oils.
·         Naturally derived, plant based ingredients for a safer way to clean and purify your home.
·         Multi­purpose solution for virtually any surface in your home or office.
·         Can be used on many surfaces, including fabrics, upholstery, carpet, floors, walls, dishes, and more.
·         Safe to use around every member of your family, including children and pets.

I have this in my house and use it to clean my whole house! It makes everything smell like Christmas – it is such a comforting scent, and it doesn’t irritate my lungs, nose and eyes like Lysol and other cleaners can!

PanAway has a stimulating aroma and is a popular and original combination of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils formulated by D. Gary Young. This blend is ideal to apply topically after exercise and daily activities.
·         Helichrysum essential oil can be used to soothe overworked muscles and defend against harmful free radicals.
·         Wintergreen essential oil’s soothing, calming properties and clean, refreshing scent help relax skin and muscles, and are often used in massage.
·         Clove stimulates and revitalizes overall body functions.

DIGIZE BLEND: Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Lemongrass, and Juniper
·         Supports normal digestion
·         Add to a capsule.
·         Add 2 drops DiGize™ and 1 drop Peppermint to water for a stimulating beverage.
·         Use with every meal along with enzymes like Essentialzyme­s-4™ to support a wellness regimen.
·         Use as a dietary supplement in water when traveling abroad.

We use this oil on a regular basis as we need a lot of digestion support. We have some food sensitivities and this helps so much when we occasionally eat nutrient deficient ‘food’. We put a drop on our tongue or rub it topically over the abdomen. We highly recommend this oil!

Copaiba uses:
·         Traditionally used to aid digestion
·         Supports the body’s natural response to injury or irritation
·         Promotes wellness.
·         May be an important part of a daily health regimen.
·         Mix with honey and warm water to create a tea.
·         It is also said that this oil boosts the power of other oils, so combine it when you need an extra boost!

R.C. is a blend of: Cypress, Spruce, and three types of Eucalyptus (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora) oils

·         Dilute and apply to chest, neck and throat areas, as needed
·         Rub on your feet or chest before exercise to uplift
·         Massage three drops on your feet before bedtime.
·         Diffuse for an uplifting and invigorating aroma

Stress Away is an amazing blend – Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender. It is one of my absolute favorites! It has such a nice, pleasant and sweet smell. Makes for a great natural perfume, air freshener, mood lifter, etc.!
·         Promotes wellness
·         Helps reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium
·         Created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life
·         Helps encourage relaxation
·         Can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension

Now I want to share with you how you can get these oils, because they are not sold down at Whole Foods or your corner Walgreens. The oils sold there are much less potent, and some are even adulterated. But Young Living’s oils are very high quality, therapeutic grade oils.

The way that Young Living has decided to sell them is through individual members sharing with others – they don’t pay for an advertising department and use us instead so we can offer you support. When you buy oils in a store or online from just anywhere, you won’t get a team of support helping you learn how to use the oils. And especially when you join our team! We offer monthly classes, webinars, promotions, Facebook and blog posts so you are always learning! We also give you a 458-page guidebook that teaches you how to use your oils for every ailment known!

Now, there are two ways to join Young Living, as a retail customer or as a wholesale member.

What is best for you?

Membership Option
Product Cost
Essential Rewards
Earn Commissions
Starter Kit
Wholesale (24% off retail)
Full Retail
Not Available
Not Available

You can purchase just the eleven oils we just discussed for $163 and that is the retail price. No sale or discount. But there’s a much cheaper way to get them.

You can actually get this essential oil collection, PLUS a home diffuser, plus this Starter Kit with 2 Ningxia Red samples, and little samples you can share or throw in your purse, all for $160! You save over $100 off the retail price this way. At the same time, you automatically become a wholesale member which means you get 24% off all future purchases for life!

Now, don’t let the term ‘member’ scare you. There are no monthly minimums or order requirements. In order to keep your membership after one year, you just need to purchase about $50 worth of products the next year. If you don’t want to, that’s fine! No one is going to hunt you down – there are no penalties or cancellation fees and you could reinstate your membership at any time.

Another way to save money that you’ll want to look into after you get your kit, is the optional, and I stress optional, Essential Rewards program. You get a monthly shipment on your doorstep of your favorite products from Young Living and earn store credit and get reduced shipping at the same time!

Think of Essential rewards like a frequent flyer program. With Young Living, in the Essential Rewards, you START OFF making 10% back, and it goes up to 20% back in product credit!

When you are living a natural, holistic lifestyle and using essential oils, joining Young Living as a wholesale member and signing up for Essential Rewards just makes sense! You’ll be able to replace all your over-the-counter drugs, toxic health and beauty and cleaning products and use safe, healthy alternatives – and get free stuff and discounts in the process! It makes shopping easier – I no longer have to browse the cleaning, bath and body and drug aisles of stores as I can buy more than just essential oils from Young Living – they also have toxic-free deodorant, toothpaste and house cleaning supplies, all powered by essential oils!

Get your Premium Starter Kit HERE>> and check out this months’ promotions!!

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