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How would you like to have the price of your regular Young Living purchases covered?

You can have a Young Living budget of $50 a month and not have to pay more than the cost of shipping out of your own pocket by:

1. ordering products through 'Essential Rewardsinstead of 'Quick Order',
2. telling someone about the Young Living products you use, and
3. enrolling her with a Premium Starter Kit when she asks how to purchase Young Living products.

"Sure, I can help you set up an account; it's easy!" 

Explain that the best deal Young Living offers is the Premium Starter Kit which includes wholesale pricing through a one-time life membership, a diffuser, and the Everyday Oils Collection.

Then take her to the Young Living website and give her your enroller/sponsor number, or take her to the HML Leaders page. We have made sponsorship simple for you.

EVEN EASIER: Host a party and ask your sponsor to come give an Introductory class! Invite several of your friends and family members and have fun!

How does it work? 

For every person you enroll and sponsor with a Premium Starter Kit you receive $50 in commissions ($25) and bonuses ($25)!

What do I need to do? The best why to be eligible for the Premium Starter Kit enrollment commissions and bonuses* is to order through the Essential Rewards Program which requires a minimum 50PV order a month.

Spending $50 is easy:
Is your home chemical free?
Is your essential oil cabinet sufficiently stocked?
Do you already take food, vitamin, or mineral supplements?
Looking for gift ideas?
We have made Essential Rewards a part of our monthly food & supplements budget.

You may also like to look at our training resources>>

*Business builders must purchase a minimum of 100 PV per month in order to receive all of their commissions and bonuses, but anyone can sign-up members and get this special $50 sign-up commission/bonus as long as he has a 50 PV order during the calendar month of sign-up.

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