Farm Tour: Mona, Utah

Seed to Seal has a whole new meaning for us now

This is Katy in the greenhouse with the yarrow and lavender starts

[Below] We were able to help plant some blue yarrow

We spent a lot of time admiring the fields

tasting the fennel...

smelling the lavender...

seeing the huge clary sage field...

until it was thyme for my brother, Ben-David, to turn on the sprinklers.

We also got to experience the juniper tree harvest

The wood chipper

Katy and Jen with the juniper chips ready for distillation

The blue yarrow smelled like flowery, sweet hay

Distilling yarrow at low pressure, low temperature (220 F) for optimal oil quality

This is the blue yarrow oil separating from the water after it condenses

The juniper oil

Finally it goes to bottling and sealing

 This is the cold press used to render a sample of lavender oil for testing, before it is harvested

And that was our seed to seal experience! Join us for the next convention or harvest event! It is something you don't want to miss!

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  1. Those are amazing pictures, I can almost smell the lavender :) I love this last picture of Katy, thanks for sharing