Out of Stock Items - Long Wait Times with Customer Service - Why?

To understand better the impact of Young Living's explosive growth this past year view this video interview with Debrah Rayburn who just visited Young Living headquarters.

The Challenge of Being #1 in the World
by Nancy Sanderson, David Stewart, & YL Corporate

All of us who are loyal Young Living members have experienced the extreme waits on the telephone when placing orders and the extended delays to receive our products once an order has been placed. While these are temporary, but significant, inconveniences,
Young Living is doing all it can to take whatever means necessary to regain its former speed and efficiency. If we did not have the best essential oils in the world, we would not be having these problems. The problem is that more and more people are finding out that if you want true results from essential oils, there is no other company that can be depended on to always deliver the best that God's Nature has to offer.

No other essential oil company in the world has such consistently reliably pure, therapeutic quality oils availasble in so many species. Nobody. Relying totally on nature, and God's own timing, to provide our annual supplies, and not on laboratories who can manufacture synthetic oils at will, we are bound to run out of certain items when the annual demand exceeds the annual supply. Young Living's impeccable integrity does not allow for compromise and they would rather be out of a product until the next crop, than to provide artificial or inferior substitutes to fill in the gaps when nature's bounty was not enough meet the demands for a given year.

The following is from Nancy Sanderson, a long-standing, Young Living Diamond, and Gary Young's sister. She shares the information given to her directly from the Young Living Corporate Office.

David Stewart

Dear Young Living Members:
We are hugely grateful to have you as a part of the Young Living family! Month after record-breaking month, we are sharing the priceless benefits of our products and lifestyle with more people than ever before. Ours is truly a global movement!

As you are all aware, the kind of growth we are experiencing doesn't come without its own unique set of challenges. Because nothing matters more to us than providing a member experience on par with the quality of our products, we're pouring all of our time, resources, and efforts into addressing our "growing pains" head on.

We'd like to update you on some of the exciting things happening to ensure that we can not only meet our current needs in several key areas but also position Young Living to sustain even more explosive growth.

Nancy Sanderson

Young Living will never compromise on our Seed to Seal quality promise and does not sell any products that we cannot completely stand behind, even if that means higher costs for us and seasonal unavailability of certain items.

With that Seed to Seal commitment as our guidepost, we are quickly expanding our manufacturing and growing capacities. We have doubled the square footage of our production facilities and are purchasing additional land on which to grow our botanicals. In addition, we are rapidly acquiring more partner farms, all of which are subject to the same rigorous quality standards we apply to our own farms.

We have also doubled the size of our sourcing and operations teams during the last year, and many of them are out searching the globe for new sources and hard-to-find botanicals.

Our warehouse capacity-and therefore our shipping capacity-is being greatly increased. We have just opened a new warehouse near our Global HQ in Utah and have another warehouse beginning operations on the East Coast in a few weeks. In addition, we are bringing a Canadian warehouse online in the middle of November. We have also extended the operating hours of our main warehouse to allow more shipments to be processed.

The extra warehouse capacity and hours should greatly reduce shipping delays and result in our members receiving their orders much more quickly.

We are aware of how frustrating long wait times for our Member Services team can be, and we've taken some major steps to increase the capacity of our Member Services department to decrease call wait times. These initiatives include:

• Recruiting and hiring as many new agents as we can and fast-tracking their training so as to get them on the phones more quickly. We've renovated the entire second floor of our global headquarters to accommodate these new hires. We are also beginning to outsource many calls to a trusted call center that will provide outstanding service to our members.

• Scheduling all of our existing staff to work extra hours each day and offering incentives for improved individual performance. It's important to us to provide a high-quality call experience for our members alongside short wait times.

• We're adding leadership talent at all levels in Member Services to meet these critical needs both now and in the future.

• We've extended the operating hours of Member Services: Our representatives are now available until 8 p.m. MT on Saturday and are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

• We are also automating more processes in our new Virtual Office to streamline your experience with this vital tool and reduce the need for phone calls to Member Services.
We will keep you in the loop on these and other important actions that are being put in place to give you the Young Living member experience that you deserve.

Thank you for your patience and your tireless dedication to our life-changing mission.
Warm regards,

The Young Living Executive Team

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