Setting Big, Scary Goals

If the idea of setting goals is scary for you – that is good. Your goals should be big and scary!

If you can achieve 100% of your goals with little effort, then you are not pushing yourself enough. You want goals that are about 70% attainable - 30% attainable and your goal is TOO hard.

It is important to incorporate all areas of life into your goal setting. We need balance. If we neglect our family because we are too focused on friends or neglect our work because we are exercising too much – that is out of balance.


1.   Make a list of things you are grateful for from this past year. This will help you prioritize your life’s dreams and goals.

2.   Ask yourself what areas of your life need improvement: faith, marriage, family, finance, fun, work, fitness, diet, etc.

3.   Brain storm and write down 5-10 goals. These goals should include things you want to work on in each area of life: faith, family, finance, etc.

4.   Edit your goals using the SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. (see related article by Jim Rohn)

5.   Focus on the areas that need improvement (not your strong areas) and narrow your list to three major goals that meet the SMART criteria and incorporate the major desires of your original ten goals. (More than 3 is too much to focus on).

6.   Break your goals into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals.

7.     Track your goal achievement somehow. You will need a chart or weekly journal where you can write down how successful you were that week and what areas need improvement for the following week. This doesn't have to take long but is VERY important.

If one of your top three goals is a Young Living goal, share it with us. If your Young Living goal only made the minor list – that’s OK. Please let us know what your priorities are so we can focus our collected efforts.

It is very important to us to see all our friends thrive as human persons - striving together to build a culture of life, love, joy, and good!

Please a leave a comment below. Let’s encourage one another!

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