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From Brian Niederhaus, Smarter Networker 30 Day Bootcamp:

Hopefully, you're well into your bootcamp at this point and gaining momentum in your business. However, you may be a lot like many other people who are looking for more detailed information that applies specifically to your current needs. 

The Bootcamp has such great core content but Dani has taken it to a whole other level and put together a complete series of CD sets to help you where you're at now. If you have checked out the "products" page on Smarter Networker you may be asking yourself "where should I start?" Well, I took that exact question directly to the source and Dani shared with me her master plan for her product line. I hope this answers you question.

PRO Bootcamp- First, and foremost, is the PRO membership because it is just an amazing value. Tons of great content, totally portable,  etc., etc.

Script Book(s) – Dani is all about results and success, so, the script book and the supplemental script book are critical to making money right now. This must have tool will increase your success and give you tangible results faster than any other single item.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. You probably have already seen Smarter Networker promote the above items so you already know you need them. But what you choose next is determined by how you are building your business- "Leads based" or “Belly-to-belly”.

But before the two styles split into their own paths Dani recommends that you grab the Six Figures in Six Month set (aka “Live in North Carolina”). This is really a powerful set of CD’s that is an entire First Steps to Success event recording.  This doesn’t replace attending a live event, nothing can, but you will get a great overview of Dani’s entire system with this series.

Now, check out this chart to see how Dani designed her CD program to best meet your needs:

                                                                          LEADS BASED SYSTEM

                                                                           HOME BASED SYSTEM

Leads Based systemProspecting and Closing Your Way to Millions is the advanced course for this style of business building. You get the mindset andthe skillset all in one package.

Home Based system- Whether it’s home parties, an office based system or a hotel meetings you want to have Instant Customer Goldmine in your library. You will learn how to develop a never ending supply of referrals and customers to feed your business.

As you gain skill and momentum in your business you will run into new challenges. “How do I give a great presentation?” or “Now, that I have a team, how do I make it grow?” are common questions that Dani answers in her CD sets. Check out the Products page on Smarter Networker for a full description of all the products or contact us directly at 1-512-900-2779 and we can give you a recommendation.  


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