Four Duplicatable Steps

The secret to successful leadership in Young Living is to do a few things well and teach others to do the same. We call this being 'duplicable'.

Here are Four Duplicable Steps:

1. Make a List - Make a list of all the people you know and who they know.

2. Schedule & Invite - Schedule a few classes and start inviting the people from your list you would especially like to work with and who you think could most benefit from essential oils and the Young Living opportunity. These could be classes you host or ask a friend to host for you.

3. Teach a Class - Prepare and teach a Young Living Intro Class. Your sponsor can help you with this. You will want to use a third-party script. Your sponsor could also teach the first class, to train you, and you could teach the second class.

4. Follow Up - Help people get started in Young Living right! Help them navigate the Young Living website, use the resources, get on Essential Rewards, and understand the opportunity. 

Be confident: Build relationships – develop skills - have fun!

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  1. Running a blog without comments is like hosting a party without a venue. - MICHAEL HYATT

  2. Great information! Thanks Christopher. Steps one and two, check and check.

  3. I agree! I'm excited to have an avenue for exchanging information with all my EO friends! Thanks for the opportunity to learn and share!