Adam Green Interview with Eric Worre

Discover some of the details from Adam's story in this very inspiring 48 min. interview with Eric Worre:

There were several nuggets I gained from this interview but one was the principle of 24 vs. 531.  This is a principle Adam Green gleaned from Vicki Opfer's "Heart Centered Sharing" method (ask us for a copy).

The idea of 24 vs. 531 is that if I personally enroll 2 people a month, after twelve months, I have 24 members. If each month I not only enroll 2 people but also help all of my members enroll 2 new members each month, at the end of 12 months I have over 531,000 members. Even if I am only 1% successful at this plan, I still have over 5,000 members, after one year. (5,000 members puts you at the top of Young Living  - Royal Crown Diamond.)

Adam Green says in this interview that he has personally enrolled, on average, 2.75 members a month over the span of his career. That is 33 enrollments a year. Katy and I have enrolled more than that in our first two years. The key is inviting people back for events and training members to each make two enrollments a month, as well. 

He talked about the magic of home parties because of this very reason. It is duplicable. Big events and one-on-one sharing work best when they filter into home parties. I know from experience in our own group that this is true: Well over 90% of our success has come from home parties.

Remember the 5Ms: More Meetings Means More Momentum.

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