What We Do in One Sentence

We educate people about the product and the opportunity and we follow up with them so they can thrive!

1. EDUCATE PEOPLE – Ignorance is not bliss. We are passionate about sharing Young Living because it has been such a blessing in our own lives. We can educate in several ways: classes, one-on-one, over the phone, blogging, social media, etc. We can share tools (books, audio, video) that educate for us. We go with people to life changing events like Convention and Harvest

There are so many people that we can help: friends, family, their friends and family, people we meet online, strangers around town, those we meet through leads or referrals, etc.

2. PRODUCT & OPPORTUNITY – In Young Living, most people start with essential oils and soon wonder how they ever got along without them and if we don’t educate people about why we share Young Living, as well, they may never discover the unique abundance God has in store for their family.

3. FOLLOW UP – Customer care is very important to us. We want to ensure our members have the resources they desire in order to flourish. If we don’t ask and listen to the needs and desires of our members, we will not know what resources to recommend.

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