High Tech Meets High Touch

Brian Carruthers, one of the top network marketing professionals in the world, says many people thought the internet was going to be the silver bullet for network marketing. "No more home classes! No more face-to-face meetings. A virtual business!"

The fact is, Carruthers says, "High tech will never replace high tough. Technology can enhance the process and make some aspects more efficient like filling out an application online. Even hosting a webinar to present to people across the globe is an amazing benefit. But you will not succeed if you try to eliminate what created the network marketing profession in the first place - relationships!

"Word-of-mouth works because it allows companies to market their products and services to our networks of people we interact with.

"This is a relationship business."

There is no substitute for having people come to home classes. This is where over 90% of our members have been introduced to Young Living and joined our team.

We can use the internet to invite friends, eliminate a paper trail, and share information, but at the end of the day - it is true friends sitting in the living room, smelling the oils, and hearing your stories that creates the magic of network marketing.

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