Do You Have a Hobby or a Business?

When it comes down to it, there are two types of Young Living distributors:

1. Those who build their business
2. Those who dabble in a hobby

Learning to say "No" to things that are sucking your time away, is just as important as saying "Yes" to a select few things that will actually build a business that produces residual income.

These are the three activities top Young Living distributors have identified as income producing:

1. Teach Intro Classes
2. Follow-up
3. Train Distributors

This is your entire "to do list". Take the rest of the list and throw it away. Only do these three things that will build your business and STOP doing everything else.

Example activities that do not count as one of these three:
shopping, dreaming, organizing, social media, crafting recipes, getting aromatherapy certified, wishing, blaming, envying, making excuses, etc.

If you goal is to have a fun hobby, enjoy yourself! That is wonderful. Hobbies are great, if you can afford them.

However, if you are interested in having a business, i.e. an asset in your financial portfolio - something that relieves the financial pressure that is stifling so many Americans, just do three things:

1. Teach Intro Classes
2. Follow-up
3. Train Distributors

Having a business is also fun - if fact, I would argue, it is even more fun than having a hobby, because it requires real work which reaps deep, lasting, fulfilling reward: true wealth measured in friendships made and people flourishing!

But it is up to you. It is your decision. YOU decide what you are going to do with the opportunity. Nobody can force you to do something you don't want to do. You are completely free to choose to have a hobby or a business.

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