Funnel to Health and Wealth

Dani Johnson says not everyone will take advantage of everything you have to offer, but those who do will rise with you and benefit more than those who don't.

Help as many people get what they want by funneling through these levels and you will get what you want:

🌱   Level A: Benefit from using Young Living  🌱
1. Attend a Young Living 101 Class:
- Become a Member with a Premium Starter Kit (PSK)
- Become an Essential Rewards member
2. Receive a call from upline when PSK arrives and discuss how to best use it
3. Phone into the Monday Night Call and learn more!

🌼   Level B: Get Involved and make New Friends   🌼
1. Host a few classes for friends and ask an upline leader to teach them
- Receive a commission check from Young Living in first 90 days
- Get Essential Reward purchases paid for by sharing the product with others
2. Talk to upline leaders about how to best serve members
- Go to events like Young Living Convention & “1st Steps to Success”
3. Read The Four Year Career & decide if it's a good long term investment

💎    Level C: Commit to Building Wealth & Relationships   💎
1. Commit to teaching/hosting 3-8 Intro Classes a month
- Stock up on books for your Members (EOPRGameplan-mini, etc.)
2. Commit to a regular follow-up schedule (3-10-30) with members
- Invite your members twice a month to the Monday Night Call
3. Talk to upline leaders daily
- Participate in the Facebook Messenger group
4. Change your Mindset:
- Listen to “Building Your Network Marketing Business” by Jim Rohn
 -Listen to “Making the Shift” by Darren Hardy
5. Seek out training from successful leaders & attend “1st Steps to Success”
- Read Gameplan, by Sarah Harnisch to learn how Diamonds hustle
- Study the Compensation Plan and read “Policies and Procedures”
- Read Go Pro, by Eric Worre and decide to become a professional

For training and book purchase links, CLICK HERE!

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